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                1. Join

                  The company's main engineering plastic manufacturing, processing, sales, new materials in the field of technology research; Technology development and technical consultation in the field of chemical science and technology, committed to becoming the leader of special engineering plastics innovation industry

                  Your position:Home - Join - Talent Concept

                  Achieve career with talents, talent with careers!

                  Talent is the center's first resource. Jincheng touts hundreds of rivers and gathers the essence. Whether it is a senior manager or an ordinary worker, manager, marketer, or ordinary scientific researcher who works in the production, sales, scientific research, and service front lines with his hard-working hands and exerts his intelligence and ingenuity, and continues to create a center career It is an indispensable talent for the continuous development of the center. We hope that more people will join the center cause and more people will pay attention to the development of the center!

                  1. Center for seeking people

                  —— "Capabilityism" instead of "Educationalism"

                  Competent and responsible employees are excellent employees, while competent and irresponsible employees are unqualified employees.

                  2. Central employment perspective

                  —— “Possible posts”

                  The right position and the right person. Each position chooses the most suitable person, and everyone can find the most suitable position in the center.

                  3. Central education concept

                  —— “Building the foundation of character, making the ability into a device”

                  Character is a prerequisite for measuring talent. The deeper the cultivation of character, the higher the ability to cultivate and exert. In the center's human resource development work, character and ability are valuable resources for the company.

                  4. Center Jin People

                  —— "Performance plus potential, character plus talent"

                  Outstanding performance is the basis for promotion, and the development potential of individuals relative to future positions is also necessary. No performance cannot be promoted; there is no development potential, nor can it be promoted, which is consistent with the "employee concept" of the center. At the same time, character and talent are also necessary conditions for talent promotion.

                  5. Center view

                  —— "Retention of business, treatment and retention of emotions"

                  Attach importance to the personal value of employees. Let everyone work for the center, at the same time, their personal career has achieved success, material life has been greatly improved, and build a big family with emotions, so that everyone cares for each other, supports each other, and improves together.


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