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                  Application of polyether ether ketone
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                  Due to its excellent comprehensive performance, PEEK can replace traditional materials such as metal and ceramics in many special fields. The high temperature resistance, self-lubrication, wear resistance and fatigue resistance of the plastic, make it one of the most popular high-performance engineering plastics, it is mainly used in aerospace, automotive industry, electronics and medical equipment and other fields.

                  1, aerospace field: can be processed into a variety of high-precision aircraft parts, because of its hydrolysis resistance, corrosion resistance and flame retardant performance is good, can be processed into the aircraft internal/external parts and many parts of the rocket engine.

                  2. Automobile manufacturing: Polyether ether ketone PEEK has been successfully used in automobile manufacturing industry. Due to its good friction resistance, PEEK can replace metals (including stainless steel and titanium) to manufacture engine inner cover, automobile bearings, seals and brake pads, etc.

                  3, industrial field: because of good mechanical properties, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and high pressure, commonly used to manufacture compressor valve, piston ring, seals and so on.

                  4, medical instruments: can withstand 3000 times of cyclic autoclave sterilization at 134℃, this characteristic can meet the high sterilization requirements, need to be repeated use of surgery and dental equipment manufacturing, plus its creep resistance and hydrolysis resistance, it can be used to manufacture a variety of high temperature steam disinfection medical instruments. It is particularly important that PEEK is non-toxic, light and corrosion-resistant, which is the closest material to human skeleton. Therefore, PEEK can be used instead of metal to manufacture human skeleton.

                  5, insulation material: PEEK has excellent electrical performance, in high temperature, high humidity and other harsh conditions, the insulation performance of polyether ether ketone can still maintain, is the ideal electrical insulation material, especially in the semiconductor industry has been widely used.

                  6, is a new type of engineering plastic, can be used as high temperature resistant structural material and electrical insulation material, and can be reinforced with glass fiber or carbon fiber composite material.

                  7. Modified POLYEther ether ketones include black carbon fiber enhanced conductive polyether ether ketone, red carbon fiber enhanced conductive polyether ether ketone, mineral enhanced polyether ether ketone, glass fiber enhanced polyether ether ketone and PEEK resin. Although polyether ether ketone has many excellent properties, its high price limits its application in some fields. In addition, its impact strength is poor. In order to further improve its performance and meet the comprehensive performance and diversification needs of various fields, it can be modified by filling, blending, crosslinking, grafting and other methods to get PEEK plastic alloy or PEEK composite material with better performance. For example: PEEK and polyether blend can get better mechanical properties and flame retardant; PEEK and PTFE composite materials, with outstanding wear resistance, can be used to manufacture sliding bearings, dynamic sealing ring and other parts; PEEK is filled with carbon fiber and modified to make reinforced PEEK composite material, which can greatly improve the hardness, rigidity and dimensional stability of the material.

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