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                  The main properties of plastics
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                  Most plastics are light, chemically stable and will not rust;

                  Good impact resistance;

                  Good transparency and wear resistance;

                  Good insulation, low thermal conductivity;

                  General molding, good coloring, low processing cost;

                  Most of the plastic heat resistance is poor, thermal expansion rate is large, easy to burn;

                  Poor dimensional stability, easy deformation;

                  Most plastic low temperature resistance is poor, low temperature becomes brittle, easy to aging;

                  Some plastics dissolve easily in solvents.

                  Plastics can be divided into two classes: thermosetting, which cannot be molded for use, and thermoplastic, which can be reproduced. Thermal plasticity has a large physical elongation, usually in 50%~500%. The force does not change linearly at different elongation.

                  Different properties of plastic determine its use in life in industry, with the progress of technology, the modification of plastic has not stopped the research. It is hoped that in the near future, plastic can be more widely used through modification, and even can replace steel and other materials and no longer pollute the environment.

                  The molecular structure

                  There are basically two types: one is linear structure, polymer compound with this structure is called linear polymer compound; The two are body structure, which is called body polymer compound. Some polymers with branched chains, called branched polymers, belong to the linear structure. Although some polymers have crosslinking between molecules, but less crosslinking, known as the network structure, belongs to the body structure.

                  Two different structures, showing two opposite properties. Linear structure, heating can melt, hardness and brittleness is small. The hardness and brittleness of body structure are larger. Plastic is the polymer of two kinds of structure, made by linear polymer is thermoplastic, made by the type of polymer is thermosetting plastic.

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