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                  Ether ether ketone PEEK plastic properties
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                  Introduction to PEEK characteristics of polyether ether ketone

                  Polyether ether ketone has heat resistance, chemical stability of thermosetting plastics and thermoplastic molding processability. Polyether ether ketone also has excellent heat resistance. Its thermal deformation temperature is 160℃, when reinforced with 20% ~ 30% glass fiber, the thermal deformation temperature can be increased to 280 ~ 300℃. Polyether ether ketone has good thermal stability at 420℃ in air. The weight loss is only 2% at 2h and 2.5% at 500℃, and significant thermogravimetric loss occurs at 500℃. Polyether ether ketone is a very strong material with excellent long-term creep resistance and fatigue resistance with a long-term service temperature of about 200℃, which can still maintain high tensile strength and bending modulus.

                  The electrical insulation performance of POLYEther ether ketone is excellent, and the volume resistivity is about 1015 ~ 1016 ω ·cm. It still has low dielectric constant and dielectric loss in high frequency range. For example, at 104Hz, its dielectric constant in the chamber is only 3.2 and dielectric loss is only 0.02.

                  The chemical stability of polyether ether ketone is also very good, with the exception of concentrated sulfuric acid, it is very stable to almost any chemical reagent, even at higher temperatures, it can still maintain good chemical stability. In addition, it also has excellent water resistance and steam resistance. It can be used for a long time in the steam of 200~250 ℃.

                  Polyether ether ketone has a good flame retardant, it is difficult to burn in the usual environment, even if the combustion, the amount of smoke and harmful gas release is very low, even lower than polytetrafluoron and other low smoke polymer. In addition, it also has excellent radiation resistance. Its resistance to α -ray, β -ray, γ -ray is currently the best polymer material. The wire products coated with it can withstand 1.1×107Gy γ rays.

                  Polyether ether ketone has good melting fluidity and thermal stability above melting point. Therefore, it has typical thermoplastic molding processing properties, so it can be injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, lamination and other molding methods, but also spinning, film. Although the melting temperature range of POLYEther ether ketone is 360 ~ 400℃, but because of its thermal decomposition temperature is above 520 ℃, so it still has a very wide range of processing temperature.

                  Although the development history of polyether ether ketone is only a short 20 years, but because it has the outstanding heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, radiation resistance and high strength, easy to machining, it is currently in the nuclear industry, chemical industry, electronic appliances, machinery, instrument, automobile industry, and has been widely used in aerospace field. Especially as a thermoplastic resin with excellent heat resistance, it can be used as the matrix material of high performance composite materials.

                  PEEK is an aromatic crystalline thermoplastic polymer material. Its melting point is 334℃ and it has the following attractive characteristics:

                  (1) short-term heat resistance: glass fiber or carbon fiber reinforced its thermal deformation temperature can reach more than 300℃.

                  (2) Long-term heat resistance: UL temperature index (RTI) is 250℃.

                  (3) Toughness: it is a very flexible resin.

                  (4) Flame retardant: ul94V-0 grade (1.5mm), self-extinguishing, the smoke emission is the least in all resins when burning.

                  (5) Corrosion resistance/drug resistance: no solvent can erode it except concentrated sulfuric acid.

                  (6) Heat resistance water (can be used in 200 ~ 300℃ steam).

                  (7) Fatigue and creep resistance (is the highest in thermoplastics;

                  (8) Processing molding: in addition to injection molding, but also applicable to a variety of molding methods.

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